Water & Enery for Food Program(WE4F)

Supporting business-oriented and governance-oriented EGreen according to ESG: Environmental, Social & Corporate Governace, is a set of standards for measuring factors related to sustainable development and the impact of business on the community; Value the company, raise loans and sell equity to EGreen.

SNV Dutch Development Organization SNV in Vietnam.

As an important partner in the development and existence of EGreen; Support technical tests and initial business models for EGreen; Assessing the impact on the business model; Technical support, governance, connecting cooperation opportunities, promoting the market, supporting brand promotion  to ensure technical and business capacity for EGreen; Introducing and promoting funding opportunities for Egreen.

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

As an important funding partner, support business investment, reduce investment risks and scale up ESCO’s ESCO model; Provide capital to EGreen in the form of results-based financial incentives for each biogas  generator successfully installed; Provide the necessary investment capital for EGreen to share carbon to support the financial sustainability of Egreen’s future.

Nexus for Development Foundation

As a carbon service provider; Support the provison of loans to promote the expansion of EGreen’s installation system; Technical support for EGreen to be granted a carbon projection certification; Nexus will be responsible for registering the project with carbon standards and receiving credits then looking for carbon buyers. Sales revenue from carbon credits will ensure stable cash flow so that EGreen continues to expand the ESCO model in the following years after the end of the Enterprise Partner Platform Program (BPP).


HD BANK – Ho Chi Minh City Development Commercial Joint Stock Bank (HD Bank)

As EGreen’s financial management partner; Provide long-term loans to EGreen and its customers to invest in biogas generator systems.