Impact results in one year of operation of EGreen Technology Joint Stock Company through impact indicators – Water and Energy for Food (WE4F) project

WE4F is a project that promotes impactful innovations in the food, water and energy production sectors, or all three sectors of the relationship (food, water, energy) to increase the sustainability of agri-food value chains and address climate change in developing countries and emerging markets – with a particular focus on the poor and woman.

Within the framework of the project, Indochina Research – a third party conducts a field assessment survey for users of biogas filtration systems used for cooking and biogas generators of EGreen Technology Joint Stock Company (Egreen) in Vietnam. The survey was conducted independently and objectively based on the criteria of the WE4F project and the following categories: income and livelihoods, improved use efficiency, impact on food and agriculture and impact on energy. Along with 30 cooking biogas filter end users and 15 control group members, and 10 generator end users plus 5 controls were selected out of a total of 13,695 end users.

The survey results have shown impressive numbers, which are highly appreciated by the project management organization, sponsors and stakeholder.


The survey report found that in the first year of the project, users of cooking biogas filters experienced improvements in health and safety at the household level, mostly for women in cooking jobs, due to the reduction of ambient toxic gases through cooking biogas filters.

Using the biogas filter used for Egreen cooking, farmers save significantly 50% of cooking costs, combined with an average savings of VND 1.2 million / household. In the first year, end users produced 41,859 tons of food using Egreen’s technology, reaching more than 50% of the project target. The impact of the solutions on food production is significant, resulting in a 12% improvement in the amount of food produced each year as a result of this innovation. It can be said that using biogas filters for Egreen cooking has directly improved income and living standards for 13,623 end users.

                                                                                    Table of results obtained
The energy savings are particularly impressive because they save nearly 20 million kWh and create significant environmental advantages, including reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. End users using generators and biogas filters for cooking can reduce energy use and reduce 76,066 tCO2e annually. This achievement is the result of efforts to save energy, actively using biogas fuel as an alternative to firewood, grid electricity and liquefied petroleum gas.

In addition, the report also provides very valuable recommendations for Egreen to adjust its operations to create greater impact numbers in the future. Identify new market opportunities.

EGreen is the only unit from Vietnam participating in the We4F project, a pioneer in biogas technology with nearly 100 biogas generator systems installed up to now and nearly 20,000 filters for heating supplied in the first year of the project. EGreen is still striving every day to bring green energy, help reduce costs for farmers and contribute to environmental protection. With the support of the project, WE4F and its many partners are aiming to maximize water improvements, reduce waste, accelerate food production and increase resilience in the face of climate challenges.

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