Looking back at 2023 and the 2024 goals of EGreen technology joint stock company

To praise the collective achievements in 2023, and aiming for new goals in 2024, EGreen Technology Company organized a retreat to celebrate the outcomes of the past year and announce the targets for the upcoming year…

Proud of its achievements over the past year, EGreen has installed 5.5MW; The amount of green electricity produced is 6,500 MW with biogas consumption of 3,500,000 m3, the estimated emission reduction is 4,500 tons of CO2 equivalent. Helping more than 50 pig farms save hundreds of millions of dong each year and not have to worry about burning biogas causing odor and pollution in each school. Reduce dependence on the national power grid. The company’s personnel has increased nearly 3 times compared to 2022. EGreen’s staff still promotes the spirit of hard work without fear of hardship, which is a decisive factor for achievements. EGreen is increasingly improving its facilities and has established a new branch in the South to help customers nationwide access EGreen’s technology.


EGreen still performs well and meets the targets of the WE4F and BeCA projects that the company is participating in. In addition, EGreen continues to connect and share to seek cooperation and capital raising opportunities when participating in many domestic and foreign conferences such as the conference: “The future of startups in the Mekong region ” organized by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in collaboration with the University of Queensland in Bangkok, Thailand; The South and Southeast Asia Regional Conference in Goa, India is organized by the WE4F Organization; GIZ Energy Support Program (ESP) organized a Workshop and Demonstration event with the theme “Advanced technologies supporting the integration of renewable energy (vRE), towards a Clean Energy transition ”; In-depth workshop with projects of Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA) Vietnam. Egreen is positioned as an enterprise that creates social impact by evaluating its activities according to impact indicators aimed at sustainable development and creating positive impacts for society.


2024 is the year to set higher goals for ourselves, new steps for EGreen in reaching customers nationwide, and promote the training of personnel specialized in each task and mid-level personnel. about management skills. EGreen sets an installation target of 10 MW by 2024, bringing more good values to the community and society and constantly moving forward with the mission: “Reducing emissions to respond to climate change” and vision. : “Becoming a leading company in the field of biogas power in Vietnam and reaching out to Southeast Asia”.