South and Southeast Asia Regional Conference

The South and Southeast Asia Regional Conference took place over 3 days from April 24 to April 26, 2023 in Goa, India. Participating businesses come from the following countries: Nepal, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Thailand and Myanmar. The program is organized by the WE4F Foundation for the purpose of sharing and exchanging ideas about sustainable development.

The program has focused on connecting businesses to expand their networks, learn new creative ideas and become part of the WE4F Foundation. Content shared at the conference included lifecycle assessment for WE4F innovation and potential business benefits, land and water use management for irrigation and water-intensive technology, partnership development to reach farmers and sell, work with smallholder farmers on business impact measurement and data collection, carbon credits and financial opportunities, and leverage foreign investment.

Representative of EGreen company, director Pham Duc Tho introduced biogas electricity business model and optimal solutions to use biogas to help farmers and farms no longer worry about the problem of excess biogas. These solutions include using biogas to cook, generate electricity or use it as fuel for drying agricultural products and heating livestock and poultry.

The conference played an important role in creating opportunities for businesses to learn and share experiences for sustainable development in the region.